Giving Areas

We promote equity of outcomes for all children by enabling access to comprehensive, high-quality care in nurturing environments for pregnant women, very young children and families to promote success in school and in life.

Reproductive Health & Justice

Our strategic grantmaking, special initiatives, and field leadership are rooted in Irving’s holistic vision for the early childhood field. That vision includes advancing access to high-quality and respectful reproductive, maternal and infant health care as a critical component to promoting social and emotional health and to creating a more equitable world for very young children and their families.

Ensuring respect and dignity in decision making about family planning, birthing, becoming parents, forming families, and raising children is core to our Early Childhood work.

We support organizations, initiatives, and leaders that strive for reproductive justice, so all people will have the rights and resources to determine if, when, and how to become parents, and will be able to raise their young children in thriving families and safe communities.