Illinois Action for Children

A more just world for every baby, family, and community

Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI)

We envision a world where
Power is shifted to BIPOC communities.

Chicago Abortion Fund

We envision a world where
Systemic racism, gender discrimination, and oppression no longer exist.

Start Early

We envision a world where
Babies, families, and communities thrive.

Irving Harris Foundation fuels ideas, leaders, and movements led by and for people most impacted by harm.

We partner with those who are reimagining systems and shifting power to eliminate racial and gender disparities among pregnant and birthing people, babies, toddlers, and their families.


Whether we are funding, leading, or supporting, we work collaboratively with our partners to pursue our shared goals through four strategies:

Grassroots Organizing & Movement Building
We use our resources and influence to help galvanize people-driven movements for change.
Advocacy, Policy & Systems Building
We partner with advocacy and community groups and public officials to help shape and advocate for policy and systems solutions that address root causes.
Leadership & Workforce Development
We continuously invest in building the capacity of current and future generations of changemakers, especially those from communities most impacted by harm.
Innovative Models
We collaborate with others to help incubate, launch, and sustain new programs, ideas, and institutions.

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